Saturday, October 3, 2009

28 Week SoCal Beach Belly Pics!

Even though I am technically 29 weeks currently, I thought I would put some more belly pics from 28 weeks when I was down in So Cal for my baby shower. Wednesday we decided to spend the day at the beach and did I sure need it. I am a born fish and the ocean is my second home. Living in Washington the beaches are not the lay out in the sun type like Newport Beach, so I miss the quality time spent laying out and swimming in the waves. I can't believe it was 85 degrees and sunny at the end of September, only in CA!
In the pic above, as you can see I am holding my Dad's belly. Wonder who will be due first! Ohh...:)))
My mom and sis striking a pose. Back to back belly shots! Urr... I win this time! Dang you Dad for working out and eating right :))
Snoozing on the beach!
Erica and I.
Still snoozing, but with water this time!
This pic looks a little risky since my bottoms look non-existent! Darn you belly :))