Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Olivia and Liam become baptized

Liam wore the out fit he was brought home from
the hospital in.  A bit snug, but still fits.

Sunday Dec.14, the day after Olivia's Pinkalicious birthday party, we baptized Olivia and Liam at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Hammonton, NJ.  Due to the fact that we are a CG family and always on the move we unfortunately never got around to baptizing O when she was a baby.  Also there was debate about which denomination to baptize her since Charlie was raised Methodist and I Catholic.  

It really doesn't matter the denomination, what is most important is that our children are put forth before the eyes of God, washed of original sin, and we as parents vow to nurture their life in his light.  Only God knows where our true heart lies and no one else.  Charlie and I are very private when it comes to religion and our beliefs.
Before our children could be baptized I attended classes at the church.  It was good to renew my understanding of the symbolic act of baptism.  Another tradition in the Catholic church is to have a God Mother and Father sponsor the ceremony.  To qualify as a God parent one must be a confirmed Catholic, not only baptized in the church, but has gone through holy communion and confirmation.  I couldn't have thought of anyone better to be God parents to our children than my own Brother Christopher Rette and his wife Erica.  I am so glad they were here to celebrate such a momentous moment in our lives.  Even though we live long distance it is amazing to see their unconditional love for our kiddos, they will make great Godparents.

I held him in a white crochet blanket, a shower gift that made by my Mom's good friend.

Each child had a candle lit for them
There was four other babies baptized that day.  Hammonton is 95% Italian, and Italians have extremely large families, everyone is a cousin of a cousin.  During this baptismal ceremony it seemed like every family member and friend attended.  You could tell we were complete outsiders with our four member family representing our children vs. twenty some people.  Plus we were fair skinned and blonde, if that didn't give it away.
Liam was first to be baptized and had no problem with the water being poured on his head.  I loved the smell of the oil of catechumens they placed in a cross on the backside of his head.  It brought back many memories of being brought up in the Catholic Church.

Olivia was last to be baptized and did a great job.  She was so interested in all the rituals and ceremony.  I now understand why some denominations wait till the child are older to be baptized, it really meant more to her.

All the families coming before the church
O was recovering from a quick case of pink eye she
contracted at her B-Day party.

Our sweet children, we are so blessed!
Godparents Erica and Chris

Liam and Olivia, I pray that this day will not only shed your original sin, but announce to the World that you are Gods children, who will spread his love not only within yourselves, but to all those you encounter.  We love you both more than words can express!