Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day and 28 Week Belly Pics

 Happy Mother's Day to all the mommy's and mommy's to be out there!  I woke this morning to my daughter surprising me with a hand made sign that her and Daddy made.  For some time now O has been telling me she has a surprise for Mother's Day and I am shocked she kept it secret so long, hiding it under her bed.  First thing when she woke she grabbed the sign and came running into my bedroom screaming "Happy Mother's Day" and then spent a lot of time explaining her art and what it meant.  She said she tried her hardest to paint flowers, but "they are really hard to make".  I received many kisses, hugs, and I love yous, followed by pancakes for breakfast by Cha.  It is not often I get a meal made for me, to eat first and fully warm. :)
For lunch we might travel up to Marlton to eat at Zoe's and Pinkberry, with a much needed stop to Buy Buy baby to purchase baby supplies for the up coming baby boy.
 Each day this past week O came home from school with a hand made Mother's Day gift.  I always love seeing all the crafts she makes at school, but it was especially sweet when she gave me a craft made just for me.  I think my favorite is this wheel burrow with flower.
 A card with her hand traced out holding some pretty flowers.
 The last craft is a flower hat, which is meant to be hung on the front door.  She told me, "it must be hanging on the outside of the door to let everyone know it is my Mother's Day and she loves me", too cute!

 We have continued to keep the tradition alive of my husband taking belly pics of me in the babies bedroom.  I just love that these images are seen through his eyes and point of view in the very room our baby boy will soon be.  I cannot believe I am already 28 weeks!  This pregnancy is flying by at warp speed.  My pregnancy with O seemed to last forever and felt like I was pregnant for an entire year.  It boggles my mind that I only have about three months left.
Cha asked me the other night if I am over being prego and I said not yet.  However, I am starting to feel my physical limitations, such as putting on socks, tieing shoes, and bending/squatting when gardening.  Things are going to get really fun when the weather starts to get warmer.

You might be wondering what is that gear looking thing on the window seal.  The nursery theme is modern industrial with a lot of planes and car stuff.  I saw this orange decorative wood gear on sale on PBK and thought it would be perfect, especially since our colors are oranges and grays.  The nursery is coming along!  The dresser and step stool being up cycled are almost done.  All that is left is finishing touches like art work, crate toy chests, and hamper.  I am also on the hunt for a really cool air plane, maybe even a zeppelin to be hung from the ceiling.  Cannot tell you how excited I am about his nursery, it has become a sanctuary of sorts for me as well as for Cha.  Some times I will find him sitting in the rocking chair, just chilling in the room.  We are very excited for our bundle of joy!