Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our family continues to grow!

Hello everyone, we are back! I promised to resume the Bush Family blog someday and today is the day since yesterday (Christmas Day) we announced to FB world that we are pregnant with baby #2!  I hope to continue this blog through my pregnancy and up through the first year of the child's life, as I did for Olivia or as I like to call her Miss O.
We are so very excited, especially O.  She has already placed one of her dolls in the crib and given the new baby her baby pillow.  She has nicknamed the baby "flower," which may be suiting since if we have a girl I would like to name her Lilly or Lillian.  No set name for a boy yet.
Olivia was the first one to suspect I was pregnant, before we even knew for sure.  The day before we found out, driving to Thanksgiving dinner with the Ritenbaugh clan she asked, "Mommy is God making a baby in your tummy?"  Her intuitions were spot on when the next day I took a test that came out positive!
I was 4 weeks along and the way I know this with certainty is by tracking my ovulation that month with Clear Blue ovulation kit.  On November 9th or 10th the baby was conceived.  The third day after ovulation my breasts began to hurt, it felt as painful as when my milk came in with O. I thought this was strange since they don't hurt closer to my period is due.  Most findings on the web said that breast soreness usually doesn't take place until several weeks into pregnancy, therefore I chalked it up to an unusually early period.  I waited one whole week past due period, which if you know me was a feat in itself, but after O asked that question and being about a week late I caved and took a test.
On November 29th it was confirmed:
Hurray!  We are truly pregnant!  We conceived the second month of trying, which is exactly the amount of time it took with O.  The first pregnancy I had no symptoms at all, for the first trimester I continued to take pregnancy tests because I couldn't tell if I was pregnant or not.  This time around is totally different, not only have my breast continued to be sore, but I am extremely gassy.  Sorry for all the TMI, but this is the unfortunate side effects of pregnancy.  Isn't it a beautiful thing!?!  Other side effects of late are a little nausea late at night before bed.  By five weeks my pants where becoming hard to button and O took a pic with me to show how large my stomach had become:
It probably wasn't until the end of my second trimester with O when I started to notice my stomach growing, but what they say is true that your second pregnancy you show sooner.  But five weeks soon is crazy to me!  I guess your body is just ready to go after being through it once already.
At six weeks I caved and put on pregnancy pants:

I feel immediately pregnant!  If I am this large half way through my first trimester how big will I be near the end of my pregnancy?  I hope to continue working out through this pregnancy, something I regret not doing with O.  I hope I can compensate the growth. :)
Here I am after a run at seven weeks:

Holy moly!  I went through my blog and found my pregnancy pics with O.  At seven weeks my stomach is as large as I was with O at around 17 weeks!!  I fear the last trimester, I may spend it in bed since I will not be able to move.  Ha!
In week eight and two days before Christmas we had my first OB appointment and were so happy and relieved to see the heart beating away.  What a simply magical site!
The due date is August 3rd. I had a c-section with O due to breach, so it is more than likely this baby will be another c-section.  If that is the case the due date would be more like July 28th, which would be fine with me since my B-Day would be exactly a month before, June 28th.  I am very happy to have a summer baby!  After having a baby on Dec. 9th and a husband with a Dec. 6th B-Day, I wanted anything but a winter baby.  Unfortunately I might be singing a different tune when May rolls around.  The pool and beach is where you can find me my last trimester.
I leave you with one last pic of our precious O, wearing a shirt I bought two years ago in the hopes we would try for another kid.  Thank goodness it fits her and I had the foresight to buy a size 3.  I texted family and a close friend her wearing the shirt. This is also how Charlie found out when he came home that night.  I was wondering how long it would take him to figure it out, but right as he came in the door O yelled, "Daddy come look at my shirt!"