Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Welcome to the pumpkin patch! A week or two ago we took Olivia to her first pumpkin patch in Sequim. I was amazed at how much there was to do. I figured it would be a field of pumpkins to pick from and that's it.
When you entered there was a general store were you could buy gifts or other home decorations for the fall. There was a corn maze, hay maze for the little ones, and playground. You could pet baby piggies, rabbits and chickens. There was also a pumpkin catapult to launch pumpkins into a trash can to win $100. I wanted to give it a shoot, but Cha said there was no way I could make it. No faith!
Photo opp on an old tractor.
Picking out Olivia's baby pumpkin. I wanted to get one for her and then a larger Mommy and Daddy pumpkin. Of course Charlie's was the largest and I didn't forget the dogs, they got their own small pumpkins. I am hoping to bake some of our pumpkins and make them into baby food for Olivia. I just hate throwing away pumpkins after Halloween. Although this means we can't carve them.
"What is this round orange thing and why is it between my legs"?
It was a pretty day even though it was a bit windy and cool.
Olivia helping search for Mommy and Daddy's pumpkin in the big patch.
This was a real patch, not the kind were they bring pre-cut pumpkins from another field. As you can see I was trying to cut the vine off the stem with my bare hands. Man I wished I had a knife, those stems were prickly!

The corn maze.
The observation deck for the mazes.

Baby piggies!!
I feel in love with the baby pigs. I now understand why people have them as pets, too cute! I was feeding them fresh grass. I decided they liked the green grass when one of the pigs escaped to graze on it. I truly could have spent all day with the pigs.
I wanted to steal him or her and so did Olivia!
Charlie was getting my Mother of the Year photo, as he called it. I wasn't that close and was holding Olivia very tight. Plus how bad could the shock be if one of the pigs ran under it? But nonetheless I was cautious even though Cha was teasing me, as he does oh so often.
Cha's money shot.
Bye from the patch! (can you see me waving good-bye?) :)))

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crawling and now onto walking!

Olivia has mastered crawling forward! She no longer goes backward or rolls. This new mode of locomotion has become her favorite past time.
Over the past month she began by getting up on all fours and rocking back and fourth and then to taking one or two steps. We thought for sure she would be a crawling demon once we got to LA for my brother's wedding, but she still just crawled forward once or twice before she feel to her stomach.
However, the very next day when we got home she was crawling everywhere! She even conquered the slippery hard wood floors! I put a video of her crawling at the bottom of the blog. Please excuse the kettle going off and my annoying baby voice. :) I love in the video the dog parade and when she starts to crawl she does her motor boat sound. She sounds like she is powered by a little invisible motor.
I also included a video of her being pulled in the wagon by Brandon at Chris and Erica's wedding. I wanted to capture her cute laughter and how much she loved it.

Not only is she crawling, but she began to pull herself up on furniture to stand. I guess she thought crawling was just not good enough. Show off!
Getting higher....
Almost there....
So close I can taste it.... and the next pic was not taken since I was too busy picking my crying babe off the floor. Unfortunately her reach was not long enough to get to the top of the table.
Side stepping around the ottoman without any assistance! My mom said she did this with their coffee table. She predicts she will be walking in a month. Gosh I hope not! I am just getting used to her being so mobile.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chris and Erica's Wedding and Visit to OC

Yes, we made it to Mission Viejo for Chris and Erica's wedding on Sunday Oct. 3rd. We flew in five days before and left the following Tuesday after the wedding. Seven days seems like enough time to visit, but it wasn't. It was a whirlwind of a visit and I wish I had another day or two to decompress.
Almost every morning I would wake up to Pop Pop and Olivia watching cartoons. It melted my heart seeing them together. Mornings were pretty much the only down time of the day. I want to take a moment to thank my folks for getting up with Olivia every morning. It was a great and much needed break!
We couldn't wait to put Olivia in her flower girl dress to see if it would fit. My Mom bought it months before so we had to guess on the size. It was perfect! She liked to pull at the flowers and put the ribbons and pearls in her mouth.
Olivia had another princess moment for the dinner rehearsal. I think she likes getting all dolled up.

Sweet face!

The fam!
As the flower girl Olivia was going to be pulled in a wagon by her cousin Brandon aka "the ring bearer" and the other flower girl, Faith. We wanted to give the kids enough practice time pulling her since the ceremony was located on a steep grassy hill with a pond at the bottom. I had a hard time walking down the hill (in heels) let alone Olivia being carted down. Believe me I had nightmares of her flying down the hill and into the pond.

Gee can you tell they are related!
Brandon gets bigger and bigger every time I see him!
The beautiful bride Erica and Olivia, who can't take her eyes off the ice cream she is being feed.
Olivia and Aunt Alicia stealing some snuggles.
The Friday before the wedding we were invited by my Brother and Mom's business associate Dean to go on his 40 ft. Bayliner boat. We left a harbor by Sea World and worked our way down to San Diego harbor.
A Titanic moment! I know I am a dork and have to do this on every boat I go on.

The little sailor girl. Thank goodness we were able to properly use this outfit my Mom got.
My brother at the helm.
We motored around the harbor for awhile, which was full of security for all the navy ships and aircraft carriers.

Olivia taking the reins. Can you tell she likes having the control? :)
Cha would love his own boat/sail boat someday.
The wedding day his here! Erica's bouquet came out beautiful.
Getting ready. Erica's good friend Nicole did a great job on all our hair and makeup. It was so nice to have a big room for all the bridesmaids to get ready in.
Olivia hanging out with the girls. She was crawling all around.

My handsome Johnny Cash.
The blushing bride and maid of honor.
Too bad the sun was shining so bright because this pic would've been nice.
Olivia ready to be pulled down the aisle. I have video of Brandon pulling her because every time he stopped she would crack up. She loved the wagon and I think this will be our next purchase for her.
The ceremony went great and no accidents, besides my sis almost falling down and the kids pulling the wagon a little too fast down the hill. Everyone in the audience keep yelling at them to slow down. I was so glad that so many people were feeling my pain.

The cake! The room in the background was the grooms room, which Cha and I stayed in for the night, while my parents took Olivia home. We had our own little honeymoon! Thanks guys!

Great wedding topper!
My cousin Elizabeth and Olivia.
Sweet Sally getting some hugs.
Cha and Elizabeth.
First dance!
My Dad holding his sweet girl.
My Bro getting some time with his best man Corey Hirsch.

Cutting the cake.
Not sure what Olivia is being fed here, but I am guessing it is cake/ I am hoping. I am surprised Olivia didn't get sick with all the sugary food she was fed.
Brandon really loved his cousin. He wanted to hold her, feed her, and make her laugh. I wish they could see each other more often
Erica is officially Mrs. Rette and my sister-in-law! They were headed out early the next day to LAX airport for their honeymoon in Mazatlan, Mexico.
Riding in style.

Later that day Cha and I headed to LA to see my best friend Abby and her hubby Josh. I haven't seen Abbs since I went to visit her in Hawaii two years ago. What I love most about Abbs is that no matter how much time passes we pick up right were we left off.

The day we were leaving Olivia was playing with her owl pillow that Aunt Erica and Uncle Chris gave her. Unfortunatley we couldn't fit it into our bags so we will have to mail it. Do you notice the owl on Olivia's shirt? If you hadn't noticed I have a thing for owls for Olivia.
Olivia slept almost the entire two hour flight home. When she woke up she wasn't very happy so I tried to soothe her. Cha took some pics because it is very rare for Olivia to cuddle. I think the last time she cuddled this long was when she was a itty bitty infant.
Can you tell I was enjoying it?

If it takes flying for Olivia to snuggle like this than maybe I will travel more often.
Mt. Ranier = WE ARE HOME!