Friday, January 24, 2014

12 Week Ultrasound!

 This past week I am 12 weeks along and had my first ultrasound by my high risk OB.  Due to the fact I am 35 and will be 36 upon due date, as well as being on medications I am considered high risk.  One benefit of being high risk, if there is any is that I get more ultrasounds and even one as early as 12 weeks.  It was amazing how much our little munchkin has grown over four weeks, from a little collection of cells to a distinguishable baby.
Charlie and I were amazed at the little fingers and at one point saw a thumbs up, how cool!  The baby decided to flip face down during the entire ultrasound giving the technician difficulty in doing measurements, especially the neck which is taken to determine if there is an indication of Down Syndrome.  The technician tried to push and tap the baby with the ultrasound wand to make it flip on its back, but already this little one is as stubborn as his or her sister and wouldn't budge.  But, measurements were taken and everything looks great!  The babies size is right on track and everything looks perfectly normal.
This pic is the profile of the babies back, the spine is the two lines going down the middle.  So happy to see our little one, since I was not high risk with O we never got to see her this itty bitty.  It is simply a miracle such a small little being is thriving inside of me.  I can't tell you how blessed I feel to be this little ones Mommy and the love I feel for him or her.
At the high risk OB appointment we also saw a genetic counselor who tried to sell us on a plethora of different testings like Chromosomal Deformities, Aminio, CVS, MMS, Fragile X Syndrome, and Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  We felt like we talking to a cars salesmen trying to sell us on all these testing methods to see if our baby has anything wrong.  The only test we are allowing is the Harmony, which is a blood test that looks at the babies chromosomes, which are floating in my blood.  It blows my mind that the babies DNA is in my blood!  The Harmony tests three different chromosomal deformities, such as Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, Patau Syndrome, as well as the X Y chromosomes.  This means that in about ten days we should know with 99% accuracy if we are having a boy or girl!  Technological advances and what they are able to find out just through my blood boggles my mind!  Honestly I am not worried about any chromosomal deformities, and if there was any I would never abort a baby, but if there is an issue it would be good to know so we could prepare.  Becoming a parent is an exciting, but at the same time scary adventure.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Trying to stay stylish in my 10th week!

Trying my very best to not wear sweats and PJ's all day long.  Don't get me wrong there is days were that is all I wear, especially when it is below 20 degrees outside and I am going no where.  The biggest downfall of pregnancy I believe is not feeling cute and putting an outfit together is no longer fun and more like a chore.  Rummaging through my closet hoping something fits and feeling like I am playing that scene out of the movie Tommy Boy over and over again, were Chris Farley puts on a small jacket and sings, "fat guy in a little coat".  It is a funny thought, but no so funny when it is my reality and very little fits in my closet.  A lot of my sweaters are starting to look like tube tops.
With my ever changing body and bloat issues it would be easy to give up and say pass the spandex, but I feel it is important for my psyche to be able to look in the mirror and still like what I see.
Being a dancer my whole life I learned the way you dress truly shapes who you are.  Clothes effect  your energy level, attitude, personality, and confidence.  I remember my ballet teacher Elizabeth Huebner, a principle ballerina from Joffrey Ballet telling us pupils you need to dress the part of a ballerina in class as you would on stage and by doing so will dance the part, as well as to your full potential.  This reminds me of Shakespeare's famous quote, "All the World's a stage and all men and women merely players".  I don't know about you but I would rather put on a pretty dress and play the part of an up beat positive girl than a sad girl in sweats.  The lazy down beat girl is only played at home where loved ones hopefully won't judge and love her unconditionally. ;)
Lately due to hormones, weight gain, and overall body changes I have been feeling pretty low.  My outlook on my looks has been less than positive, but these are feeling all women fight whether it is getting older or going through a whole body transformation like pregnancy.  Thank goodness these days there is so many adorable, fashion forward maternity clothes to lift our spirits.  I found a British company online called Asos, which has tons of very fashionable and reasonably priced maternity clothes, even swim wear.  Maternity clothes have come a long way even in the past four years since I had Olivia.  I cannot wait to get my new prego clothes in the mail, something to lift my spirits and make me able to look in the mirror and feel happy and cute again.  When I am happy and feel good about myself I play the part of a better Mom & Wife, two roles I cannot afford to bomb and must play to my up most potential!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ringing in the New Year!

This week is a New Year and my 9th week of pregnancy.  Hello 2014 and good bye 2013!  I decided to ring the New Year watching the ball drop in NY while drinking a whole bottle of premium grade sparkling cider with my hubby.  Who said pregnant women can't have a little fun, ha!
Well, no belly pics this week because I don't think there is much of a change.  Actually in the mourning it feels smaller and then by bedtime it grows a little.  I think I am dealing with a whole lot of bloat.

Food cravings have also subsided.  The first couple weeks I had the same food cravings as I did with O, which consisted of spicy Mexican food, vinegar dressings, and pretty much any kind of food that was acidic like tomato soup.  All I seemed to crave right now is fruit.  I cannot eat anything fried, french fries smell good, but taste terrible and make me feel even more terrible.  It is amazing how much food effects you when you are pregnant and how your body immediately lets you know this is not good for you.  This makes me view food in a completely different way.

All other symptoms like sore boobs, a little nausea at night, and gassy still persist.  The gas is probably the worst part and my poor family has to deal with my crop dusting.  I really cannot wait for that side effect to go and hope it doesn't last my entire pregnancy.

Other than that I am doing pretty good, my energy level has been normal and enough to keep up with a crazy four year old.  There is a theory that if one pregnancy is different from another that you are you are having a baby of different gender.  So far there has been some similarities between both pregnancies, but a whole lot of differences.  We will just have to wait and see if this theory holds true!