Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here she is!

Our beautiful little Olivia was born on Wednesday December 9th! We are so blessed for her to come into our lives. We couldn't be more happy, however these late night parties in her crib have got to go. Other than that she is a wonderful baby and a great early Christmas Gift.
These are all pics taken in the hospital by my mother-in-law! Aren't they cute
Her eyes are really a dark blue-green.
Our sleeping angel!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last Belly pics!

Well here I am in my last few days before Olivia arrives. I am in my 38th week about to enter my 39th. She will be born a week before her due date due to being breech. The C-section will take place this Wednesday around 12:00 pm, so please pray for me!
Here is some of the nursery!
Sporting my bump one last time!
My owl Penny perching on my tummy. I love owls, which are one of the main themes of Olivia's nursery. Man I look tired! I haven 't been sleeping well the past few days, which isn't good because a couple of days from now I really won't be getting any sleep!