Thursday, June 18, 2015

Last Day of Pre-K!!

 Today was Olivia's last day of Pre-K at Hammonton Early Childhood Education Center in room #203.  I cannot believe she is done with Pre-K and headed to Kindergarten come this fall.  I wish I could slow the clock down!  I think Mom and Dad are having more growing pains than Miss Livy.  She is sad to be done with Pre-K, but extremely excited to move on to Kindergarten.  O is especially excited to move in a week to Savannah, GA because there is a pool and park across the street from the home we are renting.

O had a blast in school, made lots of friends and learned a whole bunch!  Her best friends in class were Niko, Alexis, and Deborah.  Most days she would say Deborah was her "bestest friend"!  She even drew a couple of pics of Deborah and her as super friends.

In Pre-K O expanded her horizons when it came to literacy and math.  In O's last report card it said, "Olivia counted to 62 and can identify and show quantity for numbers 0-21 and higher, which is beyond Kindergarten expectations".  O is a rock star when it comes to math, maybe watching Team Umizoomi, her fav cartoon was a contributing factor.  Her literacy is pretty good too, "she is able to identify all up case letters and all lowercase except n and q, as well as produce sounds for the letters: ABDFGJKLMNPSTVZ.  She has mastered writing her first name, while continuing to work on her last name".  O's report card listed many more things she has learned and new skills acquired the last 10 months, especially being able to sound out letters.  We are so proud of you punky!
O's teacher Mrs. Thompson
The children all put their finger prints on the tree, as
a last day of school gift for the teachers.
Ms. Santilli is O's teachers aid, she love owls
just as much as I do!
All the kids hugging Ms. Santilli
Throughout the school year I was able to help with some of the classroom parties, from Halloween, Easter, and the last day of school party.  I loved seeing O in her element, interacting with her teachers and classmates.  I always wished I was a fly on the wall most school days.
It makes me very sad that O will not see her teachers or classmates again, just one of the downfalls of living a military lifestyle.  But thank goodness she is young and flexible about moving!

At the end of school year party the teachers created a super cute going away gift with a beach pail, shovel, and a book about entering Kindergarten.  O cannot wait to go the beach and use it!
There they go, one last time to cross the street and wait for the school bus.  O always runs flat out, full force all the way to the bus stop.  The next door neighbors nanny always comments that she is going to be a runner when she grows up.  I think she is just terrified to miss the bus, ha!

And off she goes one last time, next stop is Kindergarten at Richmond Hill Elementary in Georgia!