Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Best Belated B-Day Gift Ever!!

Hurray! I just received this weekend a belated B-Day gift from my BFF Abby Prather. She is in Hawaii livin the life. She has been working on my B-Day gift ever since my B-Day on June 28th and it truly shows. She is soo cute!

Any who, I thought I would take some pics of what she has collected overtime. I love every little thing, even the card and the dang envelope it came in. I have never kept an envelope before, but it is too cute to throw away.
Abbs really pays attention to detail. Not only did she make me a dress. Yes, I said made me a dress from a vintage fabric, but she bought me matching pink and purple earrings and a J-Crew cardigan to go with. A whole outfit, I am surprised she didn't buy me some shoes too :). I love her, she gets me and I get her. Sometimes when we talk I don't even have to finish sentences because she already knows what I am going to say. Way cool! Everyone always asked us if we were sisters when we would go to gym classes in Mobile, Al. I guess they knew something we didn't. Hmm... a sister from another mister maybe!?! Mom, do you have something to tell me?
But no, the gift doesn't stop there she even got Spike (nickname Cha has given the baby, Spike Hammer Bush, don't ask~) a little romper with a turtle that says "Happy Turtle North Shore Hawaii". AHHHH! I absolutely adore turtles and green/blue are my favorite colors, this is the best unisex romper I have seen yet. Love it! By the way, not sure you noticed the TV behind me has Formula One on, guess you know who took the pics.
And it keeps going... Wish there was smell a pic or something for computers because this is the most beautiful smell in the world. When I visited Abbs last summer I bought a small little bottle of the ginger oil, since everywhere we went in Hawaii I could smell this beautiful flower. The smell always takes me back to my time there and the fun Abbs and I had. I can't believe she got me the Cosco economy size bottle, I should be good for a long time since this bottle is three times the size of the one I bought last summer, which I just ran out of.
Well, I hope you enjoyed my great B-Day gift. If all my B-Day gifts are this good than I hope all will be belated. Look at that dress, can you believe she made it! So talented!
Soon to come will be pics of the new place once I get it completely decorated (of course some of these pics are from my backyard and front) along with the news tomorrow of ultrasound and what we will be having. Will it be an Olivia or a Noah?? Can"t wait to see!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Almost Half Way There- Week 16/17

Hello all! Been a long time since my last blog entry. Today I had my 4 month doctors appointment. If you are wondering why I put 16/17 for my week it is because due to the first ultrasound I would be 16 weeks this week, but if you go off my last period I am actually at 17 weeks. I know it's a little confusing, I really should just pick one or the other, but I can't seem to disregard the first ultrasound which placed the baby five days behind. The next ultrasound should give us more information about how far along the baby is in reality.
The appointment today went smoothly and really quick. Of course they started off with the scale, but I already knew the outcome since I weighed myself last week at the gym. I was floored to see that I gained five pounds since the last weigh in at 12 weeks. I went from 125 lbs to 130. There was only once in my life when I weighed that much and it was when I was on a medication that caused me to unnaturally gain weight. I am just not used to seeing that much weight gain over such a short period of time, but I had to remind myself that it is not all me. The doctor even reassured me by saying that I am making up for lost time since I gained very little the first trimester. Sure enough once I reached the second trimester it seemed my body decided to pack it on. Although it is reassuring that I can still fit into my normal pants even though I can only zip them half way up. So at least it is not going into my butt or thighs.

The doctor then checked the heart beat, which usually in the past takes a few minutes to find, but this time he found it right when he placed the Doppler on my stomach. I was shocked how quick we heard it. The heart beat was about 147 bpm, which is a lot lower from the first two times. When I asked the doc the heart beat I guess he could tell I was wondering about the sex and he reminded me that it is an old wives tale and that this just means that the baby is at rest. The baby has also grown since the first Doppler reading, which means the heart beat should go down.
To be honest even though I prefer a girl, I will be fine with either one. This is our first kid, so we will have plenty of chances to have both. But that doesn't stop Cha from teasing me by calling our kid Spike. He thinks he is so funny!
Well, it won't be long, only two in a half more weeks until all this guessing will be over. I made an appointment today for the two hour long ultrasound on July 27, about a week before we go on vacation to Beaver Creek Colorado with the rest of Charlie's family. Get ready to do lots of baby shoppin girls!