Thursday, March 17, 2011

Temporarily On Hold!

Hello everyone I know it has been awhile! You may be asking yourself why haven't I done one blog entry this year? Well it has been for a lot of reasons. One and foremost is that everyone that views my blog is now on Facebook! Yay! So I kind of see it redundant to post on both.
Secondly for the past year it has been very difficult to post photos on my blog. I guess the "blogger" did updates and uploading photos are harder now for Macs. It would take me over an hour to do one blog and now that Olivia requires more of my time since she is walking, I just don't have that extra time.
And lastly I haven't really taken photos until recently. I forgot my camera for Christmas and ended up only taking one or two in our annual Beaver Creek Ski trip. Until recently Charlie made me aware of my lack of camera use.
But now I am making up for loss time and will be posting all my photos on my Facebook profile. The great thing with Facebook is that you will see a whole lot more photos than you used to on the blog since I won't have to edit as much since downloading on Facebook is so easy and fast.
Also this is not the end to the Bush Family blog. I will resume it when we have baby 2. He or she will get a year of their life blogged, just as Olivia did. This will also happen for baby 3, 4, and etc. HA! I can actually hear Charlie's heart skip a beat and he is in NJ right now trying to find our next house!
See ya all in a little while????? Singing off.......