Sunday, August 16, 2009

A lovely visit!

This past week we have been blessed by a week long visit from my in-laws and sister in law, plus kids. My Mother In-Law is Lois Bush, Father In-Law Pat Bush, Sister-In-Law (aka Cha's little sis) Carolynn Woodall, beautiful ever growing Niece Callahan Woodall and bran spanking new Nephew and cutie pie Evans Woodall.
Can you see the family resemblance as Cha takes a little quality time with Evans on our back porch. He is so funny, with the faces he makes, but he is a GREAT baby, sleeping all the time with no regards to all the stimuli around him. I hope to be as lucky!
She loves her blankie!
We sure do!
This is some pics of Port Townsend, a day trip we took for lunch and some shopping that we could fit in between rain storms :). Gotta love the Pacific Northwest!
I thought I would get a quick click of the woman behind the awesome blog pics. She sure does have a great eye and camera to boot! Love ya and your blog!


  1. I'm so famous now:) Cute pics of Charlie and the kiddos! They do love you both so much and so do we!

  2. Looks like Charlie is getting some baby holding practice in! ;)

  3. Wish I could be there too!