Saturday, November 14, 2009

35 weeks pregers

Here I am at 35 weeks along! The past couple of weeks I have really grown a lot. I am so front heavy that I trip over my own two feet and trying to pick something off the ground is chore in itself. Not sure if I can handle getting any bigger than this, but I still have 32 days left to go, so I am just going to have to endure.


  1. You looks SO cute, Ash! I can't wait to meet little Olivia! Everytime I think about it, I get excited! LOVE YOU BOTH!

  2. Oooooohhhhh, Baby!!!!!! So that's why the weight gain. I got Carolynn a "belly sling?" the last month, but it didn't work so well. Don't bother with that. Downstairs in what is now the nursery, I put up a big "C" and a big "E". I have to find an "O", then we'll have CEO. Hmmmm. Wonder what that means. We're really excited to meet the "O".

  3. You look wonderful! I've found I've been squatting a lot more -- not as much bending down... :)