Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter and 25 Weeks!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!  I cannot believe it is Easter already and that I am 25 weeks into my pregnancy or about 6 months with 105 days to go.  The baby is supposedly the size of a rutabaga.  I just love the fruit or vegetable they pick to represent the size and weight of the baby each week.

Overall I am feeling great, continuing to work out and so far keeping up with a very busy spring schedule.  Every other day this month has been full of birthday party's, local Easter activities, friends in town and school Easter celebrations.  One of the school Easter celebrations was an Easter parade, were the children in O's pre-k 3 class wore decorative hats and walked around the black top, while parents played paparazzi.  As you can see in the pics I didn't get the memo of decorating a hat, so the teachers gave O some bunny ears.  Thank goodness she didn't seem to mind nor notice she was without a fun Easter hat.
The parade was lead by O's teacher Miss Ramono

O is the caboose

Love the creativity of every ones Easter hats

O's pre-k 3 class or Graduating Class of 2028!  Scary thought!
O loves going to school and making a new set of friends.  Everyday when I pick her up she hands me a stack of things she learned or created that day and once we get in the car tells me about a new friend in class.  One day the aid told me that O invited her entire class over for a play date.  Ha, that's my child!  O loves people and needs to be surrounded by friends at all times, which was a motivator for us to have a second child.  Thank goodness we live in a neighborhood full of children her age she can play with.
Next Tuesday I will be signing her up for Hammonton Public schools pre-k 4 starting in the fall.  I hope she enjoys the public school as much as she has enjoyed St. Joseph.  Cannot get over how fast she is growing up, I think it will be a blink and she will be graduating high school!

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