Saturday, August 8, 2015

O lost her 1st tooth!!!

Our little girl lost her first tooth this past Thursday!  It all started when we went to her and Liam's doctors checkup on July 30th.  During that appointment they gave both kids a tongue suppressor stick to hold stickers on.  O took the stick and put it between her two front teeth, I never saw her do this, but she fessed up when I saw a large gap between her two front teeth while brushing her teeth for bed. Her front left tooth was even wiggling!  I could have killed her and what made me even more mad was that she was not at all sorry or sad.  She was actually excited because now the tooth fairy was going to visit.  Charlie and I made it very clear that the tooth fairy does not visit if you do harm to your teeth to make them fall out.
Eating became difficult for O, every time she bit down the tooth would move, making it painful to chew.  Monday morning I called the local pediatric dentist DentisTree and made an appointment asap.  The night of the 5th while brushing O's teeth I noticed her tooth was extremely loose, when she pushed her tongue against it, it almost went all the way forward, yuck!
Thank goodness we had an appointment the next day!

O has never been to a pediatric dentist, up until now she has gone to my dentist.  She has been a good patient, during the filling of six cavities the dentist said she did better than most adults.
DentisTree is pretty awesome!  Beam bags on the floor,  tons of toys, and TVs with cartoons everywhere.  The office was new, clean, and had super cute decor.  The staff was also friendly and worked great with the kids.
As we waited O and L played around the waiting room, once O's name was called she came running over to me to hold something.  I had a feeling it was her tooth.  Yep, there it is, her itty bitty tooth in my hand.  O later confessed she didn't want the dentist to pull it, but rather yanked it out herself.  So many emotions washed over me,  sad that I am holding my first born's tooth, to excited for O in this momentous moment.

 There is even TVs above playing Winnie the Poo cartoons.  O was in heaven, I cannot believe what we have been missing by not going to a pediatric dentist.  This is kid luxury!

After a cleaning, the dentist confirmed that O is cavity free, hurray!
 I still have not gotten used to seeing O with a missing tooth.  It looks like she got in a fight or is a human Jack O Lantern.  The dentist verified that the tooth she lost was on its way out, by her sticking the stick between her teeth helped it along, but it was going to come out either way.  The dentist pointed out were you can see her adult tooth coming in.  The adult tooth has broken through the gums, so her baby tooth was holding on for dear life.  Charlie and I had been wondering how she was able to so easily move her teeth out of alignment and didn't scream out in pain when doing it.

 We told O that the dentist talked to the tooth fairy about what happened and that the tooth fairy would come only if O promised she would take care of her teeth and not stick anything between them ever again.  That night the tooth fairy left a little letter, which she put in the pink treasure chest the dentist gave to hold her tooth.  Since her hand writing is so tiny she made a bigger version that we could read.  She also left a certificate of tooth loss and a dollar bill under O's pillow.  I remember when I received a couple cents from the fairy, I guess inflation effects even the tooth fairy, ha!

That night O went to bed right away, no complaints, or coming out every minute to tell us she has something to tell us or she needs water.  The next morning she was so happy to see what the tooth fairy left.  She loved the tooth fairy's glittery pink paper.  I asked O what she was going to do with her $1 and she wasn't sure.  Today I saw that O put her $1 in Pinkie Pie-My Little Pony piggie bank, one of five piggie banks she owns.  O is a collector of piggie banks and loves to find change to put in her banks.  Keep saving baby girl, we have college to pay for! ;)

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