Monday, September 7, 2009

Belly Pics- 25 weeks

Here I am! I was playing around with some bathing suits to see what I could wear to the local pool since I can't work out like I used to at the gym. I also will need a swim suit when I go to LA in two weeks for my baby shower! With all the fires down there, I am looking forward to a good swim to escape the heat! It is so hard to find a good swimsuit when you are pregnant. But, what I didn't expect when I was trying these on is how funny it ended up being. Hope you all enjoy and get as good of a laugh as Cha and I.
Trying to be sexy! Haa....haaa
What do you think??
This one is just a bit too small, think I will stick to the black one! It seems more slimming, when I said that to Cha he just laughed and said there is nothing sliming about a pregnant women in a bikini. Help I need a pregnancy bathing suit! Hope you all got as good a laugh as we did :))))


  1. Hot mama! :)
    Is it cool there yet? Yay for a back yard! I bet your puppies are happy!


  2. You look GREAT! Just be thanful you can wear a bikini:) I may never wear one again! Can't wait to see you! Not too much longer:)