Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our 8th Anniversary Celebration weekend!

Our 8th Anniversary together 10 was celebrated over this past labor day weekend. Friday night was spent eating a lovely dinner at my favorite restaurant in Sequim, called Alder Wood Bistro. Yum! On Tuesday our first sunny day of the weekend we had lunch at Crescent Lake. We bought sandwiches at my favorite sandwich shop, Drakes, and sat out on the dock of the Olympic Park Institute (the place we had a board retreat at for my work at NOLT). The reason why we made this into a weekend celebration is because Cha had duty on our actual anniversary day, so we decided to make the best of it and make our four day labor day weekend special!
Cha was cold while eating lunch. Good thing we had a towel. We weren't sure where we wanted to have lunch, just winged it, so that is why we brought the towel.
Loving the sun!

A view of where we were sitting.

A blue jay just outside of Sol Duc Falls, where we decided to take a scenic hike. What I didn't know is that a 1.6 mile hike would tire me out for the rest of the night :). I guess when you haven't exercised in a month or two, that will happen to you!

Hiker's pose, ready for business!
Ready for business :)
Ahhhh, finally we made it! Yeah!

Along the way!

Which way will we go... ohh Lover's Lane, how suiting!

The reward.....

Posing with my six month belly.

Water break!

Contemplating getting in the river, the water looked so nice and calming. Hope you enjoyed our anniversary weekend just as much as we did.

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