Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Bumbo and Spring is here!

Just recently I saw my friend's little girl sitting in her Bumbo. She is around the same age as Olivia, so I thought that maybe Olivia would be able to sit in hers too. Olivia has always had good head control, but not enough to sit on her own. For some reason I thought the Bumbo was only to be used for babies that can sit up on their own, but I guess not. As you can see she slumps to the side and doesn't sit up right, but that's better than nothing. This is also her first dress, it was just one of many cute spring clothes Erica and I picked out for Olivia on our shopping spree at baby gap.

She is into pulling up shirts and dresses, showing off her little belly and then sucking on them in her mouth.
I love this pic with her arm resting on the side. She just looks like she is chilling.

It has been sunny and 60 degrees for the past couple of days here on the Pacific Northwest, so we decided to put her Bumbo outside. She was getting a little tired of her seat.
My little strawberry! I bought this strawberry hat for Olivia last Spring and I am so happy she can now wear it. Look at those lips! She definitely has her daddies full lips.
Taking in the sun!
This is the first time she has touched grass or at least sat on grass.

Not digging the grass or being messed with.
I had to include these next couple of pics. Above was taken when Cha was really sick and I just loved how they were sleeping together.
Every time Olivia sits in her bouncy seat the dogs come over and check her out. She loves to stare at them and I can't wait till she starts pulling on their hair, but that will be the day the dogs probably stop checking her out ;)


  1. We LOVE the Bumbo! As you know:) Now you can stick her up on the counter while you cook or clean. It's so handy! You can also put the little tray on and put some toys on it. It really helped Evans build his neck and core strength. Now his legs are so chubby it's hard to shove them into the notches:) We should chat soon! We need to catch up! Miss you all. I hope Charlie is feeling better. Love you!

  2. Sweet girl....I really miss y'all. Love, Nina

  3. She is too cute!! I love the strawberry hat!!!
    Jennifer Roberds

  4. I wonder who the friend is? Ha!