Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mommies Little Top Chef!

Tonight while making homemade pizza I decided to let Olivia watch me cook for the first time. My favorite thing to do growing up was to watch my mom cook and I think Olivia has that passion too, as she watched my every movement. Her enthusiasm for cooking is starting early as she holds a spatula. I cannot wait till she can actually help me, while wearing a matching apron I bought her and I years ago. I always knew I would have a girl someday, therefore I would buy anything that I felt my little girl would just have to have.
Look at that head control, I cannot believe how fast she is becoming a big girl.
Starting to get tired.

Now she is completely pooped. No one said cooking wasn't hard work!


  1. Since both Momma and Daddy like to cook, she was destined to. What a cutie. Love, Nina