Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We celebrated Olivia's first Easter by going over to our friends, Jen and Larry Santos house for dinner. But before we left we took some pictures of Olivia and I in front of our house. We just had to get pictures of her in that cute dress that auntie Erica bought. It was a sunny, but windy day.

Jen made Babka a polish sweet bread to go along with dinner. Her dad is polish, as is mine. My dad would be so proud, as he is in the middle of writing a book about his polish heritage.
Jen and Larry also made cakecicles dipped in chocolate, which were so yummy and of course good for you. I made trifle (not shown), one of my favorite desserts my mom used to make.
Larry carving the ham with precision.

Olivia checking out all the food we consumed. She is in awe!
Jen got Olivia to smile.
...And laugh.
.....And smile some more.
Larry decided he wanted to try holding the little monster.
Trying out different positions.
Jen taking a stab at it. I see a kid your near future ;))))
Olivia's favorite pass time, eating her dress.
How much of my dress can I shove in my mouth! I just love that little tummy.


  1. What a cutie! Love the pics. You guys are the cutest family.....and that food looks yummy. What are those Cakecicle things? Do you think you could get the recipe? Happy Easter!!

  2. Olivia is a darling baby girl!! Mommy and Daddy are cute, too, btw. Thanks for sharing your special Easter Day....