Friday, April 16, 2010

Olivia's Four Month Checkup

Olivia had her four month checkup today! She did great! She weighed 13.5 oz, which is three oz more than she was at two months, putting her in the 50th percentile. Her height was 25 in, putting her in the 75th percentile. She also got shots and x-rays. The x-rays were to see how her pelvic bone was developing due to being breech. The shots once again where horrible and by the time of the x-rays Olivia about had it.
I felt so sorry for her that after our lunch with my friend Jen Santos I decided to take Olivia shopping. What girls mood doesn't improve with a little retail therapy. To my delight we found a new baby boutique that opened about two weeks ago in downtown PA. Ever since I knew I was having a girl I have been keeping my eye out for a pink tutu and guess what was hanging in the store right when you entered, but a rack full of baby tutu's. I swear no child of mine is going to be without the necessities of being a ballerina and yes that just might have to do with the fact that I am a dancer :)). No pressure :))
Unfortunately right when I put her in the tutu when we got home she spit up all over it. And let me tell you trying to clean spit up out of tulle is no fun. The picture above was when I was cleaning it up and she keep wanting to examine this new texture.
Here is her sucking on this new texture. Gotta cover all the bases!
It was such a wonderful day that we decided to take some pics outside.
Tutu close up!
Sunny and Milo wanted to get in the action and ride the pink elephant too. Thanks Mom for such a cool rocker.
Action shot of Olivia spitting up. I guess this teaches us to not do a photo shoot right after she had a bottle.
Poor elephant took the brunt of it all.
These next two photos are my absolute fav!! I love her facial expression, it is like "come on now this is getting ridiculous".

Another purchase we made during our shopping spree was this adorable dogie coat, were the hood is the dog face with ears and the back is the tail. It is a little big, which will be good for next winter and hopefully the winter after that. I am banking on her being a small girl since I am not very large and she has only grown out of two outfits so far.
The below pics were taken this past month and I just wanted to include them for your viewing pleasure.
This was taken before we went to the pool to go swimming. The one shoulder retro swim suit is too cute.
I am so posh!
One mourning before a run I just had to capture the silliest outfit Olivia has ever worn. I was in such a hurry that I just put a hat on her head on these socks we bought that have rattles on the toes.
Lately she has been into sucking on and playing with her spit up rags, therefore I thought it was time to give her a blanket that expresses exactly how I feel about her.


  1. The tutu shots are absolutely adorable!

  2. Love, love, love the tutu and the elephant rocker.... too cute! Im taking you with me when I get to shop for a little one someday. Olivia has to be the most stylish baby I know, just like her mama!! Miss you and love yah ;)

  3. Love the new photos....hard to believe Olivia is 4 months old already! Sounds like she is doing just great.