Thursday, May 13, 2010

Olivia's Fifth Month B-Day & Mother's Day

Well here we are, 5 months old! Everyone says it goes by fast, but this is ridiculous. It seems like yesterday she was born. Since time has been flying by at the speed of light I am doing my very best to soak in every moment. It seems like everyday she does something knew and I just can't keep up.
As you can see above we were playing tummy time, which she seems to do the best on her changing table. She is really strong and can hold her head up that high for a couple of minutes. No rolling over yet, but the doctor thinks she could do it any day now due to her strength.
We were getting ready to do a 5 month photo shoot and it seems she is already starting to pose.
Thank you Nina for the cute dress and hat.
Olivia was trying to pick the flowers off her dress. Sorry babe those flowers can't be picked off.

I though she was just trying to pick a flower later to find she had hold of the entire branch. Guess she felt the plant needed some pruning.

Olivia and her wagon of plants.
Trying to pull a plant out, if you haven't noticed she loves to pull at plants. It seems she has acquired her mommies green thumb, at least I hope.
For Mother's Day we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and take a hike in the HOH rain forest, which I have been bugging to do for some time now.
It was a beautiful hike full of ferns, moss, lichen and countless wildflowers. It reminded me of Lord of The Rings.
Olivia was a champ for her first hike. I don't know if you can notice but she sucked on the front on the baby carrier the whole hike, which explains the large wet spot in the front.
Taking a break next to the HOH river.

It was a great day!

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  1. Can't wait to hug that cutie! (And both of you, too :} ) Looks like it was a beautiful, busy, wonderful Mothers' Day/5 month day.
    Love, Nina