Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just Hangin Out!

This past month Olivia has started to really get the hang at grabbing things. She especially likes her rings that hang from her bouncy seat. The middle ring plays songs and she gets excited when they come on. Most of the time she bangs the rings together or bounces her seat to make them swing violently. Lately she has been falling asleep while holding them. I think it is so cute, she just can't let go even for sleep.

Another development is the blossoming relationship between Olivia and the dogs, Sunny and Milo. The dogs have always been interested in her, but not the other way around. Olivia just seemed to be completely unaware of their presence. Now she can't keep her eyes off of them. Her favorite thing to do is pull their ears and fur, which can be quiet funny. Sunny doesn't seem to mind, but Milo is another story.
It seems Sunny found a way to control the grabbing by pining Olivia's arm under her paw. It seems a dog out smarted a baby. Things are going to get interesting once Olivia can walk. Poor pouches don't stand a chance!

1 comment:

  1. Olivia has a very fuzzy sister ;-) Very cute.
    Love, Nina