Saturday, September 18, 2010

Olivia is Nine Months

Wow! I can't believe my little girl is 9 months old already! Only three more months till she is a year! Crazy! It seems like yesterday she was born. It goes by as fast as people said it would, next thing you know she will be driving and dating boys. Both of which Charlie will try to post pone as long as possible I am sure.
Olivia's 9 month check up went very well. She had only one shot this time, which was nice. The whole time we were in the docs office she keep waving at the nurses and docs, which everyone was getting a kick out of. Waving is Olivia's new thing, as well as shooing with her hand.
Olivia's stats were good she is a tall lean baby weighing 18 lbs. (40-45%), 281/2 in. tall (75-80%), and 44.3 hc (55%). The doctor showed me the chart and said she is growing right on track and seems to be a perfect little baby. I couldn't agree more and thank goodness because if she wasn't I wouldn't be able to convince Charlie to have another one. :)
So much has happened the past 9 months, so I decided to include some pictures below of her latest milestones, developments, and activities. Enjoy!

As you can see Olivia loves strawberries just like her mommy! The other day she wasn't having a good day so I thought I could cheer her up with a strawberry and it worked. Even once she was down to the stem and leaves she wouldn't give it up. So glad she has reached an age were I can give her berries.

I have started putting barrettes in Olivia's hair since it is getting long in the front. This is what they end up looking like as she plays. Charlie calls this particular barrette the caterpillar, which is pretty accurate here.

Olivia's BFF, Sunny! Milo loves her too, but he is smart enough to keep his distance.
Tired herself out while playing in the exer-saucer.
I couldn't help including the next couple of pics because they are too cute. When we were shopping in Silverdale at the Baby Gap Charlie keep putting different animal hats on Olivia, it was pretty funny.
My fav was the giraffe, which we purchased.

Look very closely at Olivia's lower gums and you will see two little teeth. The tooth to the left was the first to pop through and then weeks later we noticed the second one. She shows no signs of teething, which we hope continues.
In the last days of summer, or at least days above 60 degrees in Sequim, we decided to take Olivia to the park on go on the swings for the first time.

Can you tell she liked it?

Hmm...where have I seen that face before, oh yes her daddy! :)
Olivia's first tastes of teething biscuits, which we have recently discontinued due to a chocking scare. I think we will wait till she has more teeth.

Another milestone is Olivia's ability to crawl/move backwards and roll. I love to watch her explore around the house. I thought it was funny when she trapped herself under one of the bar stools.

I love that face!
Olivia has been enjoying experimenting with solid foods, just as much as I have enjoyed making them. All of the produce comes from a local organic farmer, which I purchase every other week. I have also been experimenting with different spices and flavors, such as peas with mint. She loves it all, there hasn't been one thing she won't eat.


  1. Love the pics, she is so darn cute! Josh and I both agree she is looking so much like you these days. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!!

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