Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hiking on Gray Wolf River Trail

This past Saturday it was an unusual warm sunny day, it was actually in the high 60's! We decided to capture this rare warmth and go for a hike on the Gray Wolf River trail, which is not too far from our home.
This was the first time we have used the hiking back pack with Olivia. We wanted to wait till she had good head control before using it. Charlie was having to make a lot of adjustments to make it fit him. I guess we sized it for me.
Her face reads, "Mommy do you really think this is safe"?
"Nope, I am thinking this is not safe"
However, when she got up high she was like, "Wow this is not too bad, what a view"!
Ready for business.

"Hmm...what can I bite on, this strap looks tasty".
"How much of this strap can I shove into my mouth"?
The view of the Olympics!
Beautiful leaves turning to fall colors.

Not even ten minutes in and Cha is already turning up his sleeves.

Making our way down to the river. Pretty much the hike was down hill and then up hill all the way back up.
Can you see me? I found my hobbit hole!
Trying to get through without being snagged.
Yay! We made it to the river. Now turn around and walk back up!
Olivia fading on the hike back to the car. I have never seen her fight sleep that bad.
Sunset along the Mountains.
The hike pooped Olivia out. I felt so bad because she only got an hour to nap before we meet our good friends the Santos's for dinner. She amazes me because I thought she would be cranky with no naps, but she was as happy and chipper as she always is.
Out cold!
Cha had the camera so close to her face and she still didn't wake up!
Our reward! Not only did we have Mexican food, but then a vanilla milkshake from the 101 dinner. Olivia loved the milkshake and almost pulled the whole cup off the table. We forget her good range at grabbing things. She has long fingers, like her momma. Hmm..maybes that's why I used to always knock things off the table when I was younger, leading to my nickname "Smashly". :))

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