Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Welcome to the pumpkin patch! A week or two ago we took Olivia to her first pumpkin patch in Sequim. I was amazed at how much there was to do. I figured it would be a field of pumpkins to pick from and that's it.
When you entered there was a general store were you could buy gifts or other home decorations for the fall. There was a corn maze, hay maze for the little ones, and playground. You could pet baby piggies, rabbits and chickens. There was also a pumpkin catapult to launch pumpkins into a trash can to win $100. I wanted to give it a shoot, but Cha said there was no way I could make it. No faith!
Photo opp on an old tractor.
Picking out Olivia's baby pumpkin. I wanted to get one for her and then a larger Mommy and Daddy pumpkin. Of course Charlie's was the largest and I didn't forget the dogs, they got their own small pumpkins. I am hoping to bake some of our pumpkins and make them into baby food for Olivia. I just hate throwing away pumpkins after Halloween. Although this means we can't carve them.
"What is this round orange thing and why is it between my legs"?
It was a pretty day even though it was a bit windy and cool.
Olivia helping search for Mommy and Daddy's pumpkin in the big patch.
This was a real patch, not the kind were they bring pre-cut pumpkins from another field. As you can see I was trying to cut the vine off the stem with my bare hands. Man I wished I had a knife, those stems were prickly!

The corn maze.
The observation deck for the mazes.

Baby piggies!!
I feel in love with the baby pigs. I now understand why people have them as pets, too cute! I was feeding them fresh grass. I decided they liked the green grass when one of the pigs escaped to graze on it. I truly could have spent all day with the pigs.
I wanted to steal him or her and so did Olivia!
Charlie was getting my Mother of the Year photo, as he called it. I wasn't that close and was holding Olivia very tight. Plus how bad could the shock be if one of the pigs ran under it? But nonetheless I was cautious even though Cha was teasing me, as he does oh so often.
Cha's money shot.
Bye from the patch! (can you see me waving good-bye?) :)))

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  1. Your first pumpkin patch! It won't be your last. It's a nice family thing to do. This year Callahan thought someone had painted the pumpkins, so she was checking for orange paint on her clothes. Love, Nina