Wednesday, June 11, 2014

32 Weeks and Final Ultrasound

Here is baby Liam's close ups at 32 weeks old!  This will be my last ultrasound before he is born.  He is a healthy little boy that weighs 4 lbs. 11 oz.  O weighed around 6 lbs. when she was born and I have a feeling Liam is going to be over 7 lbs. 
I just love seeing his face with those big fat cheeks and pouty mouth.  We brought O along so she could see her brother for the first time and experience the ultrasound process.  The first half of the ultrasound  the technician took close up pics and measurements of all the organs, bones, and amniotic fluid.  Everything looks good and the tech commented on how active he is.  I have to say he is much more active than O ever was in-utero, sometimes uncomfortably so.  He is also still in correctly facing head down, unlike his sister who did the middle splits on my pelvic bone the entire pregnancy.
O kept asking,"when will I see the baby"!  We tried to explain to her that you are looking at him, but just specific parts of him.  I think she thought it would be an actual pic of an entire baby, waving and smiling at her.  I have to admit it was harder to make things out this time around compared to the last ultrasound.  Everything was on a larger scale, smashed together in a smaller space.  Most of the shots looked like Rorschach paintings. 
The tech at one point put the ultrasound on 4D for a bit and I was hoping she would print the pics in 4D.  We never got to see O in 4D due to the cost, but it was kind of neat seeing it.  We also never got an ultrasound so late into my last pregnancy, one benefit if any of being high risk.

But finally at the end she took some close ups of his face.  Liam's arms were covering his face and hands close together in fists, making it impossible to see his entire face.  The tech keep shaking my belly and taping it with the ultrasound wand to make him move, but he was not feeling very photogenic.  Poor little guy was probably thinking,"would you please leave me alone".
When O got a good look she shrieked with excitement and yelled out "he looks just like me," which melted my heart.  But she is right, from what I can make out.  He has the same pouty lips and button nose.
This is one of my fav pics of his two hands making fists in front of his face.  He looks so intense!

Another pic of fists in front of his face, but you can see the bones in his left hand and part of his face and eye


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