Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

During O's last week of school she created some masterpieces for her Daddy.  She said they are for, "Father's Week".  She is definitely a Daddy's girl and loves him very much.

The day before Father's Day I spent most of the day creating my own masterpiece for Cha.  I saw this creative hand made card on Zulily and thought it was such a great idea.  O helped by coloring the tie.

This looks pretty simply, but there is a lot more into it than you would think.  Lastly I gave him a red Porsche back roller that was another great find at the Antique Market shop.  It actually feels really good and O loves to roll the car on our backs, which is a win win!

Cha spent his day going on a bike ride, followed by lunch at Five Guy's and then shopping at the outdoor Tanger Outlets in Atlantic City.  It was a beautiful day to be out side, but I am definitely feeling my limitations of being out in the hot sun, while 33 weeks along.  I pretty much now know what hot flashes are going to feel like and it is no bueno.

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