Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pre-K for Olivia and 1 Month old check up for Liam

Today was a day of a lot of firsts in the Bush household. Olivia's first day of school in Pre-K and Liam's one month milestone check up.  Our children are growing up way too fast and time needs to slow down pronto.

 She is so excited to be back at school.   O is 4 years old, actually 4 1/2 before the month of October therefore she is able to attend Hammonton Public School.  She will no longer attend St. Joseph, although we will miss St. Joseph, maybe me more than her.
Ever since we moved to Hammonton three years ago O has longed to ride the bus.  Every morning in front of our house she would watch out the window longingly as the big kids would get on the bus to go to school.  Now she is that big kid, no longer wishing for that day to come.
Last week her school had orientation.  I am so happy Charlie left work early to attend it with us.  O got to meet her teacher Mrs. Thompson and all her class mates.  At the end of orientation all of the children were given the chance to ride the bus around the block with a parent.  Cha went with her and I stayed behind with Liam.  Her very first ride on the bus, she was beyond ecstatic!
Sticking her tongue at me, already miss behaving

Trouble maker!

Look who is going back to school! HA!

I guess on the bus O would not let Cha sit next to her, she wanted to sit in her seat all by herself.  When Cha would try to sit near her or even across from her she would get annoyed.  That's our extremely independent child! Apple doesn't fall far from the tree since Cha and I are extremely independent people too.  Part of me wishes she would need us a little more than she does, but mostly I am proud of her desire to do things on her own and lack of fear.
When O was at school I took Liam to his one month wellness checkup.  He did amazing and only cried after he got a shot.  For some reason Liam loves the doctors office.  Cha and I wish we had their exam table at home because he loves to do tummy time on it.  At some point he even feel asleep on his tummy.  That never happens when we do tummy time at home.

Liam is continuing to grow and grow like a little champ.  His height is 22 1/4'', weight 11 lbs. 3 oz., and head 15 1/2''.  Overall he is 78% for height and head circumference and 87% for weight.  The doctor is very happy with his growth and says that he looks like a very happy healthy little boy.  Keep up the good work Liam!

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