Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween and Happy 3 Months Liam!

I cannot believe it is Halloween already and Liam turned 3 months this week!  Time is flying by and before we know it, we will be going on a Disney Cruise in November.  I cannot wait  to spend time with the Woodall's, Barrett's, and Bush's on a Caribbean cruise, our first.
"Trick or treat smell my feet, give me something good to eat"!
Keeping our tradition alive we made some seasonal art.  This season's art was particularly special since it was Liam's first masterpiece.  My inspiration of course came from Pinterest and I just love how our foot ghosts came out.  Although getting foot and hand prints from a 2 month old is challenging.

Next was pumpkin hand prints with our names painted in the vines.  I couldn't be more in love with our pumpkin patch family!
Ever since O received the Wizard of OZ pop up book from her Nina Bush, she has been talking about being Dorothy for Halloween.  The catalog, Chasing Fire Flies, had a whole family dressed up as all the characters.  She begged me to be Glenda the good witch, Daddy the tin man, Liam the lion, and Milo and sunny would be the wicked witch and scare crow.  She told me that I needed to have more babies, so we could have all the characters.
During the holidays, downtown Hammonton puts on a lot of great activities and events for families.  One of which being a downtown trick or treat where businesses hand out candy.  Before we left Dorothy had to ham it up for the camera.  She is a girl of a thousand faces, definitely my child.

Not sure what she is doing here,
but I know what it looks like.  Silly girl :))

Red Riding Hood (Alexi from her school and library) and Dorothy at
Hammonton Downtown trick or treat.

Games, games and more games.

O's BF Ella the monarch butterfly having a balloon
sword fight.

I adore little Annie in the background.

It is hard to get a perfect shot of these two, who are in perpetual motion.

Dorothy and the Butterfly against Superman, who is going to win?

Two days before Halloween is the Hammonton Halloween parade.  The parade is full of floats, costumes, performances and marching bands.  Every year, O begs me to be in the parade with her, so this year I gave in and said yes.  What I didn't know when we were lining up to be in the parade is that you can sign in and be judged for your costume and float.  We were lucky enough to be invited onto a Wizard of Oz float that depicted the Emerald City with a toddler tin man and Dorothy standing next to a scare crow.  It was perfect and I just wished I bought that Glenda costume instead of rummaging through old ballet costumes, sporting a Fraulein tutu. But I have to admit I got a kick out of being Fraulein the beer wench, ha! I think I created one of Cha's fantasies.  Liam kept looking at me like, "what did you do with my momma"?
I was going to include Liam in the parade as either a cow or dragon.  I had a hard time deciding, which one he would be because I was planning on him wearing O's first Halloween cow costume, but he looked too cute in the dragon.  Unfortunately he sat the parade out because he was developing a cold.  Can't wait to take him trick or treating around the neighborhood!

Taking flight!

Silly Fraulein!


A "little" beer before the parade

O and I waiting for the parade to start, she was beyond excited as you can see.  I have to admit it was pretty fun.
Wizard of OZ Float

Maybe next year we can get Daddy involved and create our own theme float, like a 65 helo with little pilots.  That would be awesome!
Tomorrow is Halloween and O's school is having their own parade and party, which I will help out with.  So excited to be involved in her classroom events on Halloween!

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