Sunday, March 30, 2014

22 Week Belly Comparison Shots and Nursery

22 weeks with Olivia! 2009
22 weeks with our Baby Boy!  2014

It is simply amazing the difference between my belly with Miss O and my current belly with our baby boy at the same point in my pregnancies.  I have been protesting for some time now that this pregnancy my belly is bigger and progressing faster and you can definitely see this in the direct comparison.  My current belly is about what I was 28 weeks with O.  What is more amazing is that my body can do this!  Not only create a human being, but expand and change so fast.  It is simply a miracle!

Olivia pregnancy, man I wish I was that skinny right now!

Baby boy pregnancy!
The back ground in Olivia's pregnancy photo is our back yard at our house in Sequim WA.  The current pregnancy background is the baby boy's room in our house in Hammonton, NJ.  Cha has been working very hard to repaint the baby's room.  The previous wall color was a poo brown that Cha and I couldn't stand.  Plus I really want the nursery to have gray walls, the color is called "shakin not stirred," which I think is a funny paint name and so appropriate for a baby's room. :)-
Cha did a great job painting, even repainting the baseboards, trim, and ceiling.  He spent a lot of time on this room, more so than the other two bedrooms when we first moved in.  I think he is excited for this baby boy and proving out the gate he is going to be a great Daddy to this little boy.  I hope our landlords appreciate all that we have done to their house, ha!

Here is what we have so far.  The dresser/changing table, and step stool is in the process of being up cycled.  The stool is going to be painted a burnt orange color and then distressed, while the dresser is going to be painted two shades of gray.  I have also purchased a changing pad cover, and two pillows, one of which has a vintage airplane print on the front and orange chevron on the back.  I will purchase a bumper and blanket made out of this same vintage airplane print.  I have a lot more items I would like for the nursery, all of which are on my Pinterest board under "Baby Boys Nursery" in case you are interested in the direction I am going.  I absolutely love decorating and kids rooms are so fun!

Miss O just had to get in on the action with taking belly pics. She is so excited about the baby, kissing my belly all the time. Ever since we cleaned out the baby's room and painted it, she has been playing in there.  Whoo hoo, a new place in the house she hasn't destroyed!

I think this pic is my favorite!

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