Sunday, March 9, 2014

19 Weeks of the Incredibly Non-Shrinking Woman! :)

Well, that's right people I am the incredible non-shrinking woman or in other words the incredible ever growing woman!  My belly popped at 4 weeks into this pregnancy and hasn't looked back.  By week 16 I noticed it grew more than normal.  On my Baby Center pregnancy app it said that at 16 weeks the baby is going through a growth spurt and the next few weeks doubles in weight and add inches in length.  Well, I can definitely confirm this!

The baby is supposedly the size of an heirloom tomato.  To me it looks like I swallowed a cantaloupe or something.  I am only half way through my pregnancy and I am two lbs away from my end weight with Miss O and my stomach is not that far away either.  Everyone says that your second pregnancy things develop a lot more and faster.  I have also been told by friends that they gained twice as much weight with their boys than their girls.  Looks like I am on track then, ha!
It amazes me how many times I compare my stomach to other pregnant women.  Who by the way seem to be everywhere!  When your pregnant you seem to notice everyone else that is prego, like you all are in some kind of unspoken club.  In my bar gym class there was two girls behind me that were both due in May.  One had a stomach the same size as mine and it boggled my mind that she is two months farther along.  But, both are first time Moms, so it is not an exact comparison.  My husband said that at the end of my pregnancy I am going to look like the girl from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory that turns into a blueberry.  Gosh he seems to always know just the right things to say to lift my spirits and confidence.  He tries to keep it real and prevent me from ever getting a big head.  Mission accomplished. ;)  I love ya Cha.
Next week is the 20 week ultrasound, which is 45 min long and looks at all the major organs, as well as measurements.  I won't be surprised if they find another baby hiding behind our boy, O would love that, Cha and I not so much.

Here is my version of a mu-mu, which this generation now calls maxi dresses.  Maxis are so comfy and are good prego or not.  I have started to try on and wear warmer weather clothes and colors.  I did this last year around this time to evoke spring and summer.  It seemed to work, so why not give it another try, plus I am tired of jeans and sweaters.  Looking forward to wearing all my new summer pregnancy clothes.  O was born in Dec, so the bulk of my prego clothes are for the winter.  Something to look forward to, so come on warmer weather!

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