Saturday, July 12, 2014

Family Visit Over the 4th of July

On June 26th, Mother-in-law, Lois/Nina, Sister-in-law, Carolynn and nieces and nephew Jane, Callahan, and Evans packed their car full for the long voyage from Birmingham, AL to Hammonton, NJ.  They arrived just in time to celebrate Lois's and my B-Day, as well as enjoy Olivia's first dance recital.
The cousins had a fun filled time together playing in the sprinklers, going to Diggerland, Johnson's Corner Farm, and beach days in Cape May.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Arthur rained out the 4th for all of NJ and most of Eastern Pennsylvania.  All of the festivities were delayed and the 5th became the day to celebrate the 4th with a sun filled day at the beach, culminating with a fireworks display on the beach.
Here are just a few pics of some of the family at play during their stay!  Yes, I meant to make that rhyme ;).  Majority of these pics were taken by Carolynn, so I cannot take credit for them.

Dancing Queen

Playing in the sprinklers and being crazy

Nothing is better than Cousin love!

Can you tell they are all related!

Bathing beauties


Jane and O sharing a little Nina time

Sweet baby Jane, growing up too fast

She really loved sitting in Liam's rocking chair, and looked too cute in it!
Looking at these pics makes me realize how blessed our families have been with some really great kiddos.  It seems no matter how much time and space seperates us, we pick up were we left off.  I am so glad we got some time to spend together before the arrival of Liam, and our world is turned up side down.
I cannot believe I will be entering my 37th week with only 17 more days until my scheduled C-Section.  A lot of people have been warning me that I might go into labor before July 28th.  I am not really worried about it, I have been oscillating between a scheduled C-section and a V-back this entire preganacy. So, if I naturally go into labor than it was meant to be and I will try for a V-back.  Being a coastie wife, I have learned to be flexible and just roll with the flow, none of us actually have complete control in our lives anyway.
Two weeks out, I am physically over being pregnant.  I have reached the point in my pregnancy called the "Humpty-Dumpty" stage, where I literally feel like a clumsy oversized egg.  I trip over my own two feet, can barely get up stairs without catching a toe, and have to ask my daughter to pick things off the floor because bending over is down right sad.    
This past week Liam has dropped a lot and has become extremely heavy, causing sleep to be quite uncomfortable.  Last night I had to sleep sitting up on the couch because laying on my side is not very comfortable and laying on your back is not recommended, it's impossible anyway. My poor feet have also become unnaturally bloated, my right foot actually has a kankle.  Flip flops are about the only shoes that I can fit into. 
But I am in the home stretch and no matter how difficult the next two weeks will be, it will all be worth it in the end when we meet our little Liam!

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