Monday, February 24, 2014

We are having a .......



I have a set of coffee mugs from Anthropologie (one of my fav stores) with letters of all our initials that I just love.  I bought a mug a month ago with the letter L because I was almost positive I was having another girl and if so we would name her Lily.
At 17 weeks along I just found out the gender over the phone after taking the Harmony blood test 11 days ago.  The test mainly looks at the babies chromosomes for any abnormalities like down syndrome.  Thankfully the baby shows no signs of any chromosomal abnormalities.
I must admit it was a bit weird finding out we were having a boy over the phone from a complete stranger with no one around, but O.  Charlie was still at work and I didn't want to tell him until he got home.  I was jumping out of my skin waiting for him to get home!
Last night Cha was drinking his tea from this L mug and says to me,"what if it is a boy and we have this L cup for Lily?"  My response was it really doesn't matter, it is just a mug, plus we could always find a boy's name that starts with L.  Coincidentally, a while ago I did come across the name Liam and really like it.  So as a way of breaking the news to Cha I wrote the rest of the name on the mug and wrapped it up.
Only problem was that Miss O knew the news and was having a hard time keeping it in.  I sat her down to explain how I wanted to surprise Daddy by opening the wrapped mug with the boys name on it and she said, "ok mommy I won't spill the beans, promise."  But right as Cha opened the garage door she ran out and yelled "It's a boy" just as he got out of the car.  She is excited beyond words!
She really wanted a sister, but seems totally ok with a brother.  I think she just wants to be a big sister more than anything.
But I am shocked!  Everything was pointing to a girl.  The night before I found out we were pregnant I had a dream I was having another girl, O has been adamant it is a girl, and I kept seeing the name Lily everywhere.  I asked the genetic counselor who gave the news, "are you sure" and she was like "umm, yes the blood test is 99%," which I knew, but I was just so flabbergasted.  When I got off the phone a magnitude of emotions came over me and I began to ball.  I was sad that I was not going to have another girl, O was not going to have a sister she wanted,  I was not going to have a Lily.  Plus all the cute girl clothes that I hoped to reuse.
But then I began to cry even harder out of happiness that we were going to experience a boy, O was going to have a brother, and the Bush family name was going to live on.  I am 95% sure this is going to be our last kid, although if you ask Cha it is more like 100% sure, so I am happy that we have one of each.  Our family is complete!  Plus the last thought I had before I feel asleep last night was, if we have another girl I am definitely going to be the third wheel, competing for my husbands love and attention.  With O alone it is hard to get much attention, if we had another I might as well as sleep with the dogs, ha!
As far as names go, boys names have always been hard for us.  I have always liked the name Gavin and we used to like the name Noah.  But lately I seem to lean towards Liam or William.  Miss O picked the name Jack once we found out we were prego and asked her for a boy name, which both Cha and I don't mind either.  It will be hard deciding and I welcome your opinions of these names or any other ideas.  The middle name will most likely be Charles, just like his Daddy. :)

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