Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Beauty of Sequim by Bike.

For the past week it has been sunny and 80 degrees along the Pacific Northwest. Cha and I decided to take advantage of the wonderful weather by taking a day long bike ride. First stop was lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in Sequim, Cedar Creek. Cha got a delicious pizza, while I had a crab, asparagus, and artichoke bisque soup with a yummy salad. It fueled us up for the long bike ride to come.
Cha giving his sexy pose in front of the restaurant. This is the only pic I have of him the whole day because he was mostly in control of the camera.
One more pose before we start our journey. Wearing my Da-Nang shorts and coconut sun tan lotion reminded me of my trip last summer to Hawaii to visit my BFF Abby. Miss ya Abbs!
All too soon there will be a kiddie seat on back of my bike.
We traveled along the Olympic Discovery trail, which runs close to the water from the Indian Casino all the way to Port Angeles. Last summer we biked to Port Angeles along the trail, but that took about 3 hours one way. I didn't want to over extend myself so we traveled the shorter portion north to John Wayne Marina.
All along the trail and all throughout Sequim is millions of wild daisies and CA poppies. Poppies are one of my favorite wildflowers.
So of course I had to pick one and wear it in my hair. Amazingly it stayed the whole bike ride.
This is the Johnson Creek Trestle, which we rode across. We stopped for awhile and walked along the trestle looking down at the creek below. The trestle is so high that you feel like you are walking along the tree tops. The Olympic Peninsula is full of these little gems that you don't even know exist until you stumble upon them. So beautiful!
The tranquil creek below.

Hope your are not afraid of heights! Excellent for bungee jumping.

What a great day!

This is Charlie's favorite wildflowers that he would yell and point at as we rode by. Finally he was overcome by their beauty and had to get off his bike and snap some shots. Sorry that I don't know their name.
Just above the marina. In the distance you can see Mt. Baker, if you squint through the trees you can see a white lump.

Yeah, we made it too the Marina!

All done! Although now we have to do it all over again, in reverse and up hill. But at least there is no snow! :)


  1. That looks like so much fun! What a great way to spend the day!

  2. Beautiful scenery, perfect weather, great exercise, excellent company. It doesn't get much better than that (on earth anyway).
    Love, "Nina"