Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Olivia Crib!

Here is our baby crib! My Mom was kind enough to purchase it from Pottery Barn Kids. Charlie and I have already bought the matching dresser with changing topper, but it is in the garage waiting to be assembled since our baby room still has things left over from the junk room. Anyone need an old computer, broken chest, and TV stand??

We feel in love with this crib collection when I first saw it in the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue. I just loved everything about the room, right down to the sheets. When I looked at the collection name I almost feel over. It is called the "Olivia" Collection! No joke, it is the name Charlie has always wanted to call our little girl. It was fate! The funny thing is that two years ago when I was first prego I feel in love with a boy's baby room in the catalogue. And on the sheets in the crib was the name Gavin, the name I have always wanted for a boy. I don't know if God has a connection with Pottery Barn kids, but it is very interesting coincidences. Albert Einstein always said, "that coincidences are Gods way of staying anonymous". I can't tell you how true that rings for me because my whole life has been filled with signs and coincidences! That is why I have this feeling that I might be having a girl. Knock on wood! My very good friend Abby even confirmed that the last pregnancy would have been a boy and this one should be a girl in her astrology book. The Chinese calendar also supports this theory. So all signs and coincidences point in the same direction! We will just have to wait and see...
I love this angle the best. I have always been into older styles, especially Victorian. As you can see the dogs are obsessed with the crib. They have been sniffing and circling it ever since it was put together by the delivery men. I can't imagine what they are going to be like when there is a real baby in there. This used to be where their cage was, so maybe they are thinking this is their new bed. Sorry guys, two legged babies outrank four legged.
What's under there guys?


  1. Looks fantastic! FYI...chinese calendar was wrong for Callahan, but right for Evans. 50/50 shot I guess! Can't wait to see the room come together! Miss you and love you! BTW, Callahan loved the crib too. She loved looking at your belly pics. She's getting really good at saying Aunt Ashley!

  2. OMG! I love it, its so beautiful. You are going to have the most elegant nusery.

  3. Sunny and Milo look like they could be part of an add for the Olivia crib. Too cute!

  4. After the crib was set up I called my Mom to tell her and while I was on the phone Sunny decided to destroy one of my indoor plants. I think she might know something funny is going on.

  5. Very nice. I bet the room will be beautiful when you're done.

    Keep those posts coming!

    Love, "Nina"