Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Brother is Engaged!!

This past year has been pretty eventful! Not only am I going to be a Mother, but a sister-in-law too, as my brother proposed to Erica in Mexico this past weekend. On top of that my sister-in-law Carolynn is going to be a Mother any day now and her sister-in-law Catherine is having her first baby as we speak. Too much excitement in such a short period of time!
My brother and Erica have been seeing each other off and on for about three years now. My mom, sister and I have been bugging him for awhile of when he is going to pop the question. Finally he came to his senses and decided that he should propose and what better time to do it than when they are on vacation in Cancun, Mexico. The funny thing is that the last time we were in Cancun was as a family at Club Med Resort when I was in high school. I can remember my brother making a comment one night about how romantic it was there and what a great place to bring a loved one. Well you got your wish!
For months now my brother and Erica have been planning a week long trip to Cancun. Charlie and I were going to join them, but at the time people in Mexico were being killed in drug wars, so Charlie felt it wasn't safe to go. Which ended up being a good decision since I later became pregnant and the swine flu epidemic began. I have been teasing Erica and Chris that they should watch out for pigs and drug lords while they are down there.
But in a way I am kind of sad I didn't go because I could of been there for their engagement. I haven't found out the particulars of how Chris proposed, but I am sure it was really romantic. The ring he bought her is absolutely beautiful and he was able to get it the week before they left. Just in the nick of time!
Well I just want to Congratulate them and let them know how happy Charlie and I are for them. Now get to making some kids! :)

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  1. Congratulate Chris for us. (I'm kinda glad you didn't go, too)

    Love, "Nina"