Monday, May 25, 2009

My May Garden

Welcome to my spring garden and varieties of plants that I have never grown before....
This past Memorial weekend has been the sunniest and warmest since 2005. I thought I would take the opportunity to soak up as much sun and vitamin D as I could by working on my garden. Surprisingly most of my plants survived the dreadful snowy winter. I was shocked that only three bit the dust after 13 inches of snow and extreme freezing temperatures from October to March.
Everything is so green and blooming that I couldn't help but capture all the beauty yesterday. These delicate pink flowers, otherwise known as bleeding hearts are my absolute favorite flower. All four years living in Mobile, AL I tried to grow these precious flowers and failed miserably. The only things that do well in the South are plants that can survive extreme heat and humidity, mostly tropicals. But here on the Pacific North West, bleeding hearts are native and can be found growing naturally along hiking trails. So once we moved here this plant was one of my first purchases and they have been growing like weeds. I also love tulips and other bulbs, which also do extremely well here. Unfortunately my daffodils are done flowering so I didn't include them.
Only nature can make something so perfect. For some reason bleeding hearts remind me of a bunch of ballerinas dancing around each other.
My roses have also been doing wonderfully. If anyone ever saw my rose garden in Mobile, it was pretty sad as they fried to death in the scorching sun. Gardening is so easy here that I pretty much plant them in dirt and they just do their thing, so effortless.
I am excited to watch my garden continue to grow as does my belly :). Although I didn't post a belly pic this week because I didn't feel like there was much of a difference since last week. But I will definitely post one this week.

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